About Spanish Center

About Spanish Center



What is the Spanish Center?

The Spanish Center was founded in 2014 under the supervision of Dr. Tamer Salem. Spanish Center’s purpose is providing the best eye clinic in dubai and expertise in the field of laser vision correction. Spanish Center’s Responsibility is to provide our patients with a strong understanding coupled with proper education, allowing them to come to an informed decision.

Spanish Center Commitment

The commitment of Spanish Center is the detailed need of each and every patient as an individual; we see our future through your eyes. Making one of the ideal choice as eye clinic in dubai.

Spanish Center Code

At Spanish Center we believe that the success of everything is based on embracing the values and sticking to principles. It comes along with professionalism, developing, and seeking perfection. At Spanish Center Clinic in Dubai we see our patients as members of our big family, and from the very beginning we made a promise to do whatever it takes to protect our family, help them, and give them what they need in order to make their lives even better.

Our Clinic

Our specialty clinics are situated at your convenience in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The state-of-the-art equipment is sure to present the latest technology in LASIK and eye surgery to our patients. Eye clinic in dubai. Whether examination, surgery, or regular checkups, our facilities will help provide the best patient experience. We treat our patients in individual offices, designed with your privacy and comfort in mind. We maintain an atmosphere that is quiet, friendly, and conducive to healing. We provide the unique combination of diagnostic and treatment services with the personalized care that a small clinic offers. All medical records will be held confidentially in a database in the Clinic and all information relating to patients will be treated with the professional standards of medical confidentiality.