What are the factors affecting the Eye and its Cornea?

0 January 31, 2016

Many factors do affect our eyes and our vision quality, especially in the countries where the hot climate prevails like the gulf countries. If you are already suffering from blurred vision, and weak sense of seeing whatever the distance was, especially at night, and if you are over sensitive to light and do feel pain and tingling in your eye muscles, then definitely go visit an ophthalmologist! These symptoms cannot be ignored and can mostly indicate a Keratoconus; a disease related to the cornea of the eye. At the Spanish Center in Dubai, we present the highest quality of medical equipment, combined with the latest eye treatment techniques, be it surgical or using laser, by the hands of expert team of specialists who have extensive experience in the treating many similar cases. To get free consultation session, fill the enquiry app in the website and just relax waiting for us to contact you!

0 January 31, 2016

You got to know that our famous procedure at the Spanish Center is the laser skin tightening. This procedure is all the rage now because it’s very efficient and safe and does yield fantastic results in rejuvenating the face and restoring its young appearance. The procedure is suitable for all body parts; face and body, and is an excellent non-surgical solution to replace the previous old-fashioned ones that often caused redness and swelling other than their poor medical results. The procedure is simple and doesn’t entail any injection, the session lasts around 10-15 minutes, where the skin collagen will be tightened and new collagen skills encouraged to grow. Follow – up sessions are required every 6 to 12 months after finishing this treatment, to preserve the beauty of the new tight skin you got with your skin tightening session at the Spanish Center in Dubai. Our specialists view this procedure as the best available nowadays as it transforms the appearance of the skin to make it look 5 years younger, though results may vary from patient to another. It rejuvenates skin cells and reduces large pores, sagging, and refreshes the pale face, all this through only 3 treatment session, 1 to 2 weeks apart, to end-up with very soft and tight skin, that looks naturally healthy and beautiful. Don’t hesitate to choose this skin tightening treatment as a solution to your tired and

0 January 31, 2016

Do you panic over surgeries? Don’t worry, many people are like you, and we, at the Spanish Center, are experts in giving you relief and comfort any time you demand our services. You should  not hesitate to change your life and obtain the looks you dream of with a simple step. Just contact us and we are responsible of offering you the best treatment and service in town, to come up with perfect results by the efforts of the most experienced specialists in Dubai. Would you like to know how the procedure is done? We’ll give you a hint. First step is to choose a knowledgeable and experienced doctor who has got many experiences in conducting the procedure. The procedure will be performed at the hospital to guarantee the highest level of safety, either in terms of the operations room and technicians, or in terms of availability of specialists who will be there for any emergency, if any. Anesthesia in this procedure could be general or local anesthesia; with each being praised and dispraised, and can be discussed in detail with the specialist during the diagnosis stage. The operation lasts between half an hour to a full hour, depending on the shape of the nose and the degree of deviation. The incision will be done inside the nostrils to keep it hidden and not show in the face, except in some sever cases where the incision might extend to the outer side of the nostrils, but it woul

0 January 17, 2016

High temperatures, extremely bright sunlight, hot air currents, and dry air are all factors that have direct impacts on the body in general and the eyes in particular. Individuals in areas where summer heat doesn’t exceed 35 degrees can feel these changes, so what would be impacts of these changes in desert areas such as the United Arab Emirates particularly and the Gulf in general, where temperatures rise dramatically. Some of the precautions that can be adopted to reduce the direct negative impact of such weather are the use of headgears of light colors that reflect sunbeams such as the white Ghutra and hats to protect the face and the eyes from the sun. Sunglasses that contain Ultraviolet (UV) protective filters can also be used for such protection. In some cases, these conditions lead to common eye diseases such as Keratoconus. Perhaps many of us have heard the term Keratoconus, but few of us know it in detail; not because it is a rare disease, but because of the variant rates of infection with it. Keratoconus was discovered by a German doctor who has presented early descriptions of Keratoconus during a medical meeting in 1748. He was followed by a British doctor who described in 1854 this disease very clearly and distinguished it from other diseases related to the cornea. He diagnosed it by double vision and weakness in the cornea. In modern days; Keratoconus disease is

0 September 29, 2015

Untreated diabetes (Diabetic Eye disease) can lead to complete vision loss.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- September 29, 2015 – Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin, a hormone that allows the body to use blood sugar for energy. It is characterized by high levels of blood sugar, which can cause changes in the blood vessels of the retina, the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye that is necessary for good vision. “DIABETIC EYE DISEASE is the leading cause of new blindness cases among adults aged 20-74” states Prof. Dr. Ayman Shouman, Cataract and Vitreoretinal surgery consultant at Spanish Center Dubai, highlights the danger of Diabetes in harming your vision. In the early stages of diabetic eye disease, small blood vessels in the eye swell. As the disease progresses, some vessels that nourish the retina become blocked. Abnormal new blood vessels may begin to grow on the surface of the retina to replace the blocked vessels. The new vessels, however, have thin, fragile walls. If they leak blood, severe vision loss and even blindness can result. The only way that diabetic eye disease can be diagnosed is through a comprehensive eye exam. Diabetics are sometimes first diagnosed in an optometrist’s clinic when diabet

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