Did you hear about Laser femtosecond cataract surgery without incision?

Did you hear about Laser femtosecond cataract surgery without incision?
0 March 31, 2016

The Femtosecond Technology Cataract Laser Coverage Can Do that

Cataract is an eye disease often affecting elderly people, causing the clouding of the lens, leading to a blurry vision, which must be treated.

No matter how brave we are, the idea of making an incision during an eye surgery is worrying; therefore, and through the advancement of science in eye diseases and surgeries, we reached to the Femtosecond technology. Following years of experimentations, this technology is being utilized to perform cataract surgeries, providing convenience and safe results of the efforts made in this regard.

To those unfamiliar with the measuring unit we are talking about here, we say that the ratio of one second to a femtosecond is similar to the ratio of one second to 32 million years. Using Femtosecond Laser made the surgery results more accurate from other used techniques, due to the high speed and accuracy, in which the Laser makes the surgical incisions. The precision emanates from the fact that the diameter of the inserted lens is identical to the incision made by the Femtosecond Laser. One of the most important features of this technology is its precision, as the surgeon was previously responsible for making the incisions manually in order to insert the lens. Now, through the Femtosecond technology, the precision is based on data entered into a computer to perform the procedure in an optimum and standardized manner, minimizing the risks of surgery, and allowing the surgeon to reach the treatment area using the necessary tools to break and remove the cataract, as well as insert the lens with precision. The technology allowed achieving optimum results in the accuracy of light refraction in the eye, due to the precision of the lens positioning, making the Femtosecond treatment the ideal solution.

Due to its safety and precision, this technology spread world-wide. It is now being utilized in many specialized ophthalmic centers in the UAE, as they now perform Femtosecond treatment for cataract. Many patients prefer this method, as it removes the cataract and does not require surgical scalpels, providing peace of mind for patients and their loved ones.

“With Femtosecond Laser Cataract, we can ensure that patient is more safe as femtosecond laser doesn’t involve incision, and offers more safety, reliability, and aids in quicker healing and going back to normal life. The best part is, that femtosecond cataract treatment in available at Spanish Center Dubai, with our specialized team so that patients do not have to turn towards Europe or US.”

-Said Dr. Professor Ayman Shuman, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Cataract and Vitreoretinal surgeon at Spanish Center Dubai.

One of the centers known for successful surgeries is the Spanish Center, with a cast of specialized doctors performing numerous successful surgeries, according to numerous testimonies of patients. It is worth mentioning that this surgery came a long way in the past years, as incisions became smaller, using more effective and controlled energy. It does, however, require a skilled surgeon; especially in certain steps during the procedure. This technology also requires planting trifocal or multifocal lenses for comprehensive vision for all distances.

It is also worth noting that this technology has been used after cataract coverage to prevent or reduce astigmatism. Therefore, replacing the scalpel with a Femtosecond Laser for cataract surgery allows for an ideal precise surgery, and better results.

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