10 minutes for a lifetime change

0 August 3, 2015

Blade Free IntraLASIK HD secures trust in Dubai for vision correction.

When it comes to something as important as your vision, there should be no compromise in the level of medical expertise you devote to it. Spanish Center for Lasik, Eyes and Cosmetics is a leading center in Dubai, UAE to provide the eye vision correction, committed to the safest and most advanced techniques for correcting vision The IntraLASIK  (Femto) procedure takes only a few minutes; it is comfortable for the patient and it has become the safest eye vision correction surgery in Dubai. The IntraLASIK eye surgery is blade free, and takes about 5 to 10 minutes. The outcome of the treatment is permanent and perpetual. The pre-procedure vision correction examination takes approximately 30 minutes. Your eye doctor will perform an advanced diagnostic eye exam to determine your suitability for LASIK surgery. The eye doctor will evaluate: the shape and thickness of your cornea; pupil size; refractive errors; the moistness of your eyes (to check for dry eye syndrome); general health and medical history; and any medications you are taking. “We strive to make patient care one of our top priorities along with medical excellence. Our dedicated staff members are properly qualified and trained to handle patients’ inquiries and requirements with high professionalism. Besides our world-class