What are the factors affecting the Eye and its Cornea?

0 January 31, 2016

Many factors do affect our eyes and our vision quality, especially in the countries where the hot climate prevails like the gulf countries. If you are already suffering from blurred vision, and weak sense of seeing whatever the distance was, especially at night, and if you are over sensitive to light and do feel pain and tingling in your eye muscles, then definitely go visit an ophthalmologist! These symptoms cannot be ignored and can mostly indicate a Keratoconus; a disease related to the cornea of the eye. At the Spanish Center in Dubai, we present the highest quality of medical equipment, combined with the latest eye treatment techniques, be it surgical or using laser, by the hands of expert team of specialists who have extensive experience in the treating many similar cases. To get free consultation session, fill the enquiry app in the website and just relax waiting for us to contact you!