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LASIK Specialist & Official ophthalmologist

Dr Tamer Salem

Dr. Tamer Salem is the first physician in Europe to obtain a PhD in LASIK from Miguel Hernandez University, Spain. After obtaining his clinical fellowship from Regensburg University, Germany and the institute of Ophthalmology Alicante, Spain, Dr. Tamer was practicing as a Consultant Ophthalmologist for 7 years at the San Juan University Hospital. He holds an academic appointment as an Assistant Ophthalmology Professor at Miguel Hernandez University, Spain. Dr. Tamer has been successfully performing Lasik surgeries since 1990. Currently, he has performed about 20,000 Lasik procedures and is seen as the best LASIK Specialist in Dubai. Advancing his efforts further to heighten awareness, Dr. Tamer offers free LASIK evaluations and will answer all your concerns and questions regarding surgery.

Experience & Activities

List of procedures:
• LASER refractive surgery: (PRK, Epilasik, LASIK, Intralasik, Intralasik HD, Relex-SMILE, Limbal relaxing incisions)
• LASER therapeutic surgery (PTK)
• Keratoconus surgeries (Corneal collagen crosslinking, Intac ring insertion)
• Minor ophthalmic procedures (Pterygium excision, chalazion incision and drainage, subconjunctival and intrapalpebral injections, etc.)
• ICL implantation
• YAG laser surgeries (Iridotomy and iridiplasty)
• Strabismus repair
• Keratoplasty