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Dermatological Diseases Acne Treatment Dewderm dubai

Among the dermatological diseases, acne is the most observant issues among the teenager well often in there adulthood. There can be many factors causing the problem but the main factors affecting this disease are issues in the sebaceous gland. This also occurs due to hormonal changes in the body and affects the regular processes. There can be many exasperating factors that can cause the hormonal changes, mainly associated with oily cosmetics or oily skin, irregular periods and intensive stress. However, there are solutions to this problem too. With natural treatments there are some traditional treatments. To deal with some severe cases there are traditional therapies can help reduce the effect of acne that includes such as topical and hormonal therapies, antibiotics and isotretinoin. Isotretinoin helps to reduce the size of oil glands and helps to prevent the acne. Hormonal therapy is used mainly for the irregular periods and androgen excess.

Acne treatment in Dubai can include laser and light sources to reduce the affect make it perfect. Such treatments can help reduce the effect of acne with proper 1-3 treatment sessions. This provides a significant positive impact on the sebaceous gland that eventually helps to treat the acne. According to one of the research, this helps to reduce 47-95% blackheads and acne scars. This treatment also helps to clear the red spots that are left after the acne. This treatment is done on the spot and does not need any time frame to recover. Laser treatment does not have any side effects thus can help to get the things done in an effective manner.

Laser treatment has numerous advantages that make up minds for this process. Its advantages include convenience, safe, effective and less painful then other traditional treatments. However, the other methods of treatment and antibiotics can cause skin irritation and other bacterial resistance.

The other effective and recommended method for acne removal includes the radio frequency. This new method of acne removal uses electric shocks that help reduce the glands that contain oil. This treatment requires 1-2 sessions to make the skin better. Through this treatment the effect of re-acutance in case of cystic acne can be mimicked. Regular tropical treatment is often continued after laser and radio frequency.

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Acne Treatment Dewderm dubai
Dermatological Diseases Acne Treatment Dewderm dubai