Lasik Vision Correction

LASIK vision correction is the ideal solution for most patients, as it can be used to treat several complications such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia, helping patients get rid of glasses forever and see the world as clear as possible. This is what makes the LASIK procedure one of the most common and most sought after procedures for vision correction in Dubai and across the rest of the world.

Given the delicate nature of the procedure, there are minor setbacks that can cause alarm in some patients. With every LASIK procedure, the aftercare needs to be meticulous and dedicated, and taking the necessary steps as prescribed by the specialist will help the healing process speed up.

Patients experience different things based on the characteristics of their individual eye structure, and aftercare processes will be outlined according to each case. Some of the side effects that patients can encounter include dry eyes, imbalanced vision and glare, each of which can be handled and looked after properly through the use of prescribed antibiotics and uncompromised care and attention.