SBK LASIK Procedure

sbk lasik procedure dubai

In the SBK LASIK procedure, a much thinner flap is created through the use of a special microkeratome head. Compared to traditional LASIK procedures where the flap is 130-180 microns thick depending on the microkeratome used, SBK LASIK makes use of the Moria One Use-Plus, which creates flaps that are only 70-100 microns thick.

The reduced thickness of the flap saves corneal cells, which results in a much smoother cornea that can be seen during microscopy. One of the most important advantages of a thinner flap is the faster and more painless regeneration period. A majority of patients who opt for the SBK Procedure tend to regain sharper vision within a few hours, experience very mild symptoms, notice the obvious reduction in light sensitivity, and also the decrease in dry eyes occurrences.

With SBK, the post-operative eye care process includes regular administration of prescribed eye drops and overall care. Immediately after the procedure, patients are given eye shields to wear for the first two nights, and a follow up visit is schedule the following day with the specialist doctor.

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