Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo Treatment Dewderm dubai

Vitiligo is a skin color disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. The main reason behind this is the destruction of the cell that makes color pigment in the skin. This can also affect the skin inside mouth, nose and eyes.

Myths about Vitiligo Treatment

There are many myths regarding vitiligo that are prevailing through the medical professionals and scientists.

  • Vitiligo treatment is not possible. This is not true, researches have proved that the majority of people have recovered the treatment and are back to normal original skin.
  •  Oral psoralens, which is the basis of vitiligo treatment, is toxic for the liver. These are not toxic for the liver in any case.
  •  Treatment of vitiligo from the combination of psoralen and UVA (PUVA) causes cancer of the skin. However, it is proved that in vitiligo treatment, PUVA therapy requires approximately 150 treatments, which does not affect the skin and can never cause a skin cancer by any means. It is also been observed that if the patient has received 250 PUVA treatments, which is in the extreme case, the skin develop the skin cancer cells which are not dangerous rather are treatable.

Vitiligo Treatment in Dubai

There are some treatments that are recommended for the vitiligo, that are not dangerous but will help to tone the skin and make an even color. The options are defined below:


Sunscreen is the best way protect the skin from skin burns and uneven skin. The major goal of the sunscreen is to protect the skin from the UV rays from the sun and make the skin look fresh and healthy even when exposed to sun. This helps to protect the un-pigmented skin and limit the tanning. The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of sunscreen should not be less then SPF 30. This blocks the erythema and reduces the effect of sunlight on the skin’s DNA.


Cover-up is light make up and self-tanning lotions that helps to hide the vitiligo and make it less obvious. This helps to hide the white macules and is helpful for the affected person to be safe.

Restoring Normal Skin Color

Restoring normal skin color can be a long process, as achieving the original color of the skin can take time. For this the spot treatment and whole body treatment can be done that will eventually help to reduce the impact of vitiligo. Spot treatments can be of three different types.

Spot Treatment: Topical Corticosteroid Creams

The spot treatment will be done initially with the topical corticosteroid cream which is fast and practical with effective results. After this treatment the skin will be monitored for 2 months to observe if there is any sign of early steroid atrophy. Proper physicians are assigned to monitor this to make sure there is no harmful effect of this cream on the skin.

Spot Treatment: Topical Oxsoralen

If the viltiligo is severe the next treatment that can be applied is topical Oxsoralen. This process is highly phototoxic in which the skin is sunburn and this last for 3 days or more. This method is a bit complicated thus should not be applied on large body parts. Small spots should be treated through this process with highly qualified and experienced physicians. For oral psoralens, more than 15 treatments are required and to finish it with the effectiveness, more than 100 sittings would be required. This is a lengthy process and a bit tricky thus should not be taken for granted.

Spot Treatment: Mini Grafting

Mini grafting is another process that is used to treat the affected area. In this method the normal skin of the patient is transplanted on the affected area. So this can only be done if the effected part is less, else would never be possible as the skin color can be different if taken from other persons. PUVA will be required to make the skin look unified with no patches. Pebbling of the site may occur if the patient has less normal skin and more effected part. Mini grafting will not be possible in that regard.

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Vitiligo Treatment dubai
Vitiligo Treatment dewderm dubai