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Contoura® Vision

CONTOURA® VISION is the latest customisation technology available for laser eye surgery.
Spanish Center Dubai is one of the first medical centers in UAE to offer the contoura® vision treatment to provide a customised procedure.

Who is it for?

The Wavelight® Suite offers a variety of vision correction treatments allowing our surgeons and surgical team to design a personalised treatment plan based on multiple measurements of your eyes and vision. The Wavelight® diagnostics suite takes multiple measurements, including topography maps as well as aberrometry maps of your eye. These maps, combined with your vision and prescription details, are used to decide which treatment option will provide you optimal visual outcomes. If this analysis indeed shows that Contoura® Vision will provide you the best visual outcomes, Contoura® Vision will be recommended.

Contoura LASIk in Dubai
Contoura Vision Dubai

Outperformed even glasses and contacts

In the FDA study, outperformed glasses and contacts in over 30% of eyes ​treated with Contoura Vision.

Contoura LASIK Satisfaction chart Dubai

Very High Accuracy

22000 points are photographed on the surface of the cornea within seconds

Accuracy Contoura LASIK Dubai

Non surgical procedure

The vision is corrected without surgery, without touching the surface of the cornea, without pain and quick recovery

Contoura LASIK dubai

Other Features

Vision back to normal in hours.
Blade Free, Very Safe and Cornea friendly.
Increase the reading spead Because it redefined visual acuity outcomes.
Improved many common symptoms associated with LASIK as you will have better vision at night.