Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment dubai

Cellulite is not a medical disease but a persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin. This is not harmful because the fat becomes jerky and pushes the connecting tissues that eventually raise the skin. This is most common among the female, people want to get rid of this because of its appearance. The fat is raised not because of any disease but due to less physical activities or poor dietary. This issue is more common among the female as compared to men. If women in your family are facing cellulite there are more chances that you will be affected by this problem as well. People with all kinds of body types can be face this issue.

Eating schedule can be healthy but that needs a proper physical activity to make the metabolism system strong, however poor and crazy dieting schedule leads to cellulite. Hormonal changes and dehydration can make this probing and needs to be edited to reduce any worse effect. Thickness and color of the skin changes also indicate the presence of cellulite. This is less noticeable on the dark toned skin, however if you have a light toned skin it is less obvious. Applying a skin tonner while going for swimming can reduce the effect of cellulite and make the dumps and dimples less prominent.

Cellulite Cream

Cellulite cream is an option that can be used to treat the problem however not every treatment gives the perfect and expected result for a long time and according to the perceptions. Cellulite creams are used to burn the fat and reduce the cellulite from the body. There is evidence that the cream contains a medicine that is used for treating the asthma, called aminophylline. This helps in narrowing the blood vessels and forcing the water from the skin. This process is not scientifically proven as a perfect method and still has some side effects that can be severe for people with circulatory problems. As this is a cream thus it is important that it has a positive reaction with body otherwise the result might be different.


Liposuction is another surgical treatment for removing the fat, but this fat is not cellulite but the fat under the skin that can eventually reduce the bumpy part. This fat depositing process is not recommended as this might end up causing many other diseases. After conducting research, The American Academy of Dermatology found that this process might end up with deteriorated appearance of cellulite. There might be more depression in the skin and the areas that were hidden might be prominent through this treatment.


Mesotherapy is a therapy originated in Europe to reduce the pain of the cellulite. This therapy includes the injections containing vitamin, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. These injections are inserted beneath the skin to breakdown the fat and improve the body conditions. However, this therapy is not proved to be risk-free and safe. It also has some side effects along the positive effects that will eventually cause swelling and irregular contours. Thus to be more healthy and in the perfect body size it is preferred to have healthy diet and physical excursion that can help to reduce the cellulite and contains no side effects.

Massage and Spa Treatments

There can be many types of exercises and massages that can help to reduce the cellulite but the effect of this on body cannot be long lasting. These massages and spa treatments are short term to reduce the lumpiness of the skin. This will be useful as long as the fluid of the body is extracted else these massages are also useless.

Cellulite Treatment dewderm dubai
Cellulite Treatment dewderm dubai

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is cleared and approved by FDA to treat the cellulite. In this process the fat under the skin is melted through extreme heat and that helps to break the fibrous bands. This process stimulates collage production and reduces the cellulite. This process can be painful and the heat is touching the body directly and helps in excess fluid removal.

There are several different options for cellulite treatments in Dubai, and each doctors has their own preference. LED light emitting is also used as a treatment for cellulite. Rollers and suctions are being included in the process to soften the bands, which are the main reason behind cellulite. Through this the connecting tissues are relaxed to make the body look perfect. However no process guarantees the perfect and most accurate result, except exercise. Aerobics and healthy diet are the perfect combination to avoid any such disease and can also be used as the treatment for those issues. More fruits, fibers, vegetables and proteins are the best diet to reduce excess weight in certain cases.