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Hair Loss Treatment dubai

Many people among us are complaining about thick hair however others are complaining about hair thinning. According to the research people from the Middle East are complaining more about hair loss and hair thinning. This problem is not only common among the male but also with the female. The reason behind this is not some physical issues but can also be because of unhealthy food consumption or dietary factors. Hormonal changes, medication, stress or some severe disease can be the reason behind this problem. In both sexes, the hair loss problem is triggered by some internal weakness or disease. The hair transplant in Dubai can be typical or through some medications.

Among the male this issues starts at their teens and adversely affects in their adultery, however this can be progressive throughout their life span. Most of the men complaint about this problem starting from the front of the head and then the top, end up in baldness. Some men experience only top hair loss, which makes them more conscious about their looks. For the ladies, this hair loss is totally different, as they face hair thinning and hair loss from the top that is more obvious when outdoors. Nevertheless, there are many ways to deal with such problems.

Once the internal health is maintained the traditional treatment and medication can help to deal with this problem. Topical minoxidil applications can lead to stop hair loss and in some cases hair regrowth has been observed among the patients. Oral medication like Finasteride is helpful for men, it leads to regrowth in many cases. These medications work on the outer side but to get an effective impact the internal health needs to be improved.

To maintain the healthy hair with no hair loss, the medication needs to be continued with no breaks. This medication needs to be continued for 3 months to 24 months for the effective results. In this case the results will be maintained till the use of the medication. Hair transplant is considered the best way to reduce the hair loss and restoring the natural hair. This hair transplant treatment is effective for both men and women and is recognized as the effective and efficient manner. There are no side effects of this process and is useful for the candidates that have cosmetically noticeable hair thinning issues that cannot be solved with normal medical therapy only.

The whole process of hair transplant is not hard. In this process, hair is extracted from the backside of the scalp where they exist in abundance, and are implanted on the bald part. The hair is extracted in the form of tiny follicular units (FUEs) one at a time, and each follicle is separated under the microscope to later be implanted in the bald area for natural looking results. Separating each hair through this process is called micrografting. The patient will be given local anesthesia to be more comfortable and secure. Moreover if the face uplift is done then the side burns and eyebrows can also be treated.

Spanish Center Dubai and Aesthetics & Dermatology is specialized in hair transplant and micrograft technique in Dubai combined with the esthetic sense to maintain the natural results and effective hair restoration.

Hair Loss Treatment Dewderm dubai
Hair Loss Treatment Dewderm dubai