Body Contouring & Sculpting

Body Contouring Sculpting dubai

Cosmetic surgery can be done to reshape any area of the body through sculpting and contouring. Through this process patients can eliminate the excess amount of fat that cannot be removed through diet and exercise. There are many sculpting techniques and contouring plastic surgery that can help to get done with the fat transfer. Patients can get the body sculpting and contouring from specific areas including lean, toned figures, or usually liposuction, and body lift surgery.

Arm Lift

Arm lifting is done to reduce the aging affect that results in rapid weight loss. It is also known as the Brachioplasty that can help to tighten up the upper part of the arm. This can help to restore a youthful. All the types of arm lift will provide the best suitable result to make the overall look stunning. Arm is the prominent part of the body that needs to be proper and aligned with the other body thus the arm lifting is done to get a perfect and complete look to the figure. This will help to improve the looks and can boost the confidence of the people that can make them wear revealing cloth while raising their arms up.

Bicep Implants in Dubai

Bicep implant in Dubai will help to create or increase the patient’s arm. This will help to increase the upper arm toning in both men and women. Extensive muscular conditioning and bicep appearance of the arm can help to give the overall perfect appearance of the body. The treatment can also be done on the upper body part to help give a perfect look. The bicep implant can also be done to reduce the aging affect as this will lose the body muscles and can make it up through bicep implant.

Body Lift in Dubai

Body lift in Dubai can help to up lift full body or in some cases, it addresses some specific body part. This is done when the patient is having excess amount of hanging fat on the body. However full body lift surgery is an extensive and long procedure that needs a longer procedure to recover from the injury. To get the esthetic results from the body lift this process needs to be done under proper prescription. Body lift can be done on the thighs, breasts, buttocks, arms, and abdomen.

Butt Implants in Dubai

Buttock implantation in Dubai is preferred by some people to enhance the appearance of it. It can be used to improve the shape, size or to add curves to the ends. There are some men and women who thinks that their butt is lacking some shape, thus end up having butt implant to make it look bigger and fuller. Buttock is not done to remove any defect rather could be implanted to give a perfect and flawless appearance.

Butt Lift in Dubai

Buttock lift in Dubai is not butt implanting rather it is used to tighten up the excess skin while toning and tightening the skin. This whole process is also known as Brazilian butt lift surgery. This process is done by taking the fat cells from other part of the body injecting them in the buttock to give it a lift. Patients, by using their own tissue, achieve a rounder, fuller, firmer buttock that will be much better than the buttock implants. This can be a lengthy process but it is a safe and effective way with the perfect and long lasting results. This can help to increase the confidence in the people as they think that they were lacking behind in something and now they got the thing to move with full self-reliance.

Calf Implants

Calf implant in Dubai is done to customize the shape of the calf muscle if the person is not satisfied with the shape of it. Both men and women are into this calf implant due to their own reason. Some might want it after having some major injury and end up losing some muscles. This process can be done through proper techniques and can help to improve the overall appearance of the body.

Liposuction in Dubai

Under the body contouring and sculpting technique, liposuction is the popular technique that can help to contour the specific body parts. This can be done through small incision to reduce the excess body fat and can remove it permanently. There can be many methods that can help to re-sculpture the physical appearance that can be discussed with the patient and the doctor to make it work in a much better and efficient way.

Pectoral Implants in Dubai

Pectoral implants in Dubai is common among the men who want to have a muscular look. This helps them to shape or to enhance their chests to the muscular appearance they desire. This will help them to reshape, enlarge, gives a muscular and firm look to their chest. The process will allow them to have a natural and acceptable appearance that can make the overall look much better and perfect.

Thigh Lift in Dubai

Thigh lift in Dubai is another common cosmetic surgery that is done on the upper part of the leg. This is done to tighten excess and hanging skin. There might be several other reasons behind this thigh lift process. Some might want it to reduce aging and some might want to enhance the appearance of the thigh. This process can be improved when performed in conjunction with liposuction surgery. The goals and expectation of the thigh lift should be properly defined to make it work much better. A proper medical treatment and surgeon is needed for this treatment.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) in Dubai

Abdominoplasty in Dubai is a tummy tuck, body-sculpting surgery that helps to remove the excess fat from the midsection. It will help to surgically tightening up the body muscles and give them a perfect appearance. Different body sculpting techniques can be used to remove the unwanted fat, excess skin and cellulite to make the skin appearance much better. This skin treatment will help tone, slim, smooth and give a proper shape to the overall figure.


Cellulite is not a medical disease but a persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin. This is not a harmful thing as in this the fat becomes jerky and pushes the connecting tissues that eventually raise the skin. This is most common among the female, people want to get rid of this because of the way it looks. The fat is raised not because of any disease but due to less physical activities or poor dietary. This issue is more common among the female as compared to men. If women in your family are facing cellulite there are more chances that you will get affected with this problem. This is not only common among obese patients as thinner people can also be affected by this disease.

Excess Skin

Excess skin treatment in Dubai can be done on any part of the body. The reason of the muscular and skin lose can be pregnancy, weight loss, aging or fat removal surgery, but the excess skin can be treated through different medications and treatments. Adbominoplasty and tummy tuck are the surgical procedures that can be used to tighten the muscle to the waistline. Other methods like; full/lower body lift, trim useless skin and fat on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and waist are much extensive. The other skin removal area like arm lift or thigh lift are not that intense.

Body Contouring Sculpting at Dewderm dubai
Body Contouring Sculpting at Dewderm dubai