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Vitiligo is a skin color disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. The main reason behind this is the destruction of the cell that makes color pigment in the skin. This can also affect the skin inside mouth, nose and eyes.

What Is Microlipoinjection/Autologous Fat Transfer?

The process through which an individual’s own body fat is used to improve the thin body areas. This will help to create volume to the areas where it is desirable, this process is known as microlipoinjection or autologous fat transfer. Mainly the word autologous is referred to as using one’s own body tissues to enhance the other body part. Due to this autologous the whole process of fat transfer needs to be done in well-informed and conversant form. The process include three step, which are:

  1. Gentle liposuction of excess fat from the thighs, jowls, abdomen or buttocks.
  2. Cleaning those body fat cells
  3. Fat cell transplantation on the targeted facial area.

What Areas of the Face Can Be treated through this process?

Through this process the facial area that is being covered is from the forehead, between the eyebrows or under the eyes. This is used to make the facial expressions more prominent by improving their contour. This can also be done on the area where the fat is missing due to some scar or injury. This process is not specifically not for the face rather can be applied over the neck.

Facial Fat Transfer FAQs

Anyone interested in the facial fat transfer needs to understand a lot of things regarding this process. Thus there are some of the common questions that are being scheduled below to clarify the major concerns regarding the facial fat transfer.

Are autologous fat grafting, fat transfer, and microlipoinjection same processes?

All the aforementioned terms refers to the same process. It all includes the insertion of one’s own fat from the body to the desired part via syringe. This is done after cleaning the fat and then injecting it back to the area. Soothing and proper augmentation will be done to reduce the facial creases caused by age factor. The fat is taken from the thighs or other body area and can be applied to uplift the lips or cheeks. The area through this process is usually less than the part removed through liposuction surgery.

Why fat injections are better than other dermal fillers?

Dermal filler are often the derivatives of bird tissues whereas fat injections are the part of the one’s own body. The patient will be using its own body fat through fat injection and can be saved from any allergic reactions, whereas the possibility of reaction is more through dermal fillers. There are high chances of adverse reaction on the immune system when injected through dermal fillers and can be risky. Fat transfer avoids this issue as the body will automatically recognize the tissue at its own and won’t react in a different way.

What areas of the body is fat typically taken from?

The body fat is typically harvested from the thighs, buttocks, or any other area where the fat is in excess. This will work two ways, it can help to reduce the fat from one body part on the other hand can help to fix the other part through one method. Both parties need to coordinate on this issue from where the fat tissue needs to be transferred to the other part, with less risk.

Is the fat transfer procedure painful?

Fat transfer procedure is not that painful but can be uncomfortable for some time. This can be managed through oral pain medications and prescription from the doctor. Fat grafting can be short term and can be treated to relieve the pain.

What sort of recovery is required after the fat injection procedure?

During the normal and small injections the patient can recover within the short time and can start his daily routine tasks, the same day. Incisions are usually avoided and during the small injections, are not comfortable.

How long will transferred fat typically last?

There’s not a specific length transferred fat will take to disperse. The injected fat will be reabsorbed and will be scattered by the body itself within a few months or a year. Some part of the injected tissues will remain there after sometime. However there are many upcoming fat grafting methods that can help to last a bit longer than the normal time.

Fat Transfer dubai
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Are multiple fat injections desirable to achieve required results?

The cosmetic surgeon often recommends these injections which results in less damage to donor and the injection site, achieving the desired outcomes. This totally depends on the desires of the patient and can be coordinated with the doctor to get the most effective and efficient result.