presbylasik dubai

Around the age of 40, as the eye ages naturally and grows weaker, there is a common occurrence of blurred vision, especially when reading at a close range. This is known as Presbyopia, and is very common in both middle-aged men and women around the world. The most favored solution to fix this problem is using bifocal glasses or contact lenses, but some patients also opt for Conductive Keratoplasty Surgery or Intraocular Lenses to correct this problem, as well as PresbyLASIK.

Also known as Monovision LASIK, PresbyLASIK is a highly sophisticated procedure that involves correcting the dominant eye for distance while the less dominant eye is slightly under-corrected in near-sighted patients, or slightly over-corrected in far-sighted patients. What this does is make objects that are close much better to see, while also fixing distance vision.

PresbyLASIK has many advantages over other procedures, such as affordability and cost-efficiency, minimal waiting times and access to the world’s most advanced technology operated by highly skilled experts with years of experience, all available right here in Dubai.

If you enjoy reading, get your PresbyLASIK in Dubai and get back to your favorite pastime. Spanish Center Dubai offers free consultations for PresbyLASIK as well as the most competitive rates for the procedure.