Blade Free IntraLASIK

Introduction to Blade Free IntraLASIK

Through the use of the ultra fast and precise Intralase Femtosecond Laser, the Blade Free IntraLASIK procedure does away with the traditional handheld microkeratome blade, significantly improving the safety of the procedure.

With the traditional method, flaps created by the use of a blade can be irregular, and might have tattered edges or even a buttonhole in the center, which occurs when the blade becomes loose during the cutting process. With Blade Free IntraLASIK, there is no risk of irregular flaps as the laser can be readjusted at any time during the process to ensure an absolutely error free outcome every time.

In Blade Free IntraLASIK, the patient’s eye measurements are taken, and these measurements are used to guide the computer-driven laser, which creates a customized corneal flap of absolute uniform thickness and design. During this process, an optimal corneal surface below the flap is also created, that results in better visual outcomes. The process is entirely controlled by a computer, and is the first such procedure to incorporate two lasers to customize each session according to the individual eye requirements. Blade Free IntraLASIK is one of the safest, most precise methods used in laser vision correction today, and is especially recommended for patients with a high prescription and high astigmatism.

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