Streamlight LASIK

Spanish Center Dubai has installed new state-of-the-art software – StreamLight – on our Wavelight Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) equipment

It works with the same technique as PRK but the difference is that Steamlight it removes the first layer of cornea by laser, PRK removes the first layer by Alcohol or brush

Who is it for?

Streamlight LASIK is suitable for those suffering from the corneal thickness or if you are afraid or uncomfortable to remove the first layer with brush or alcohol as PRK technique, Steamlight technique will be a good option.

Streamlight LASIK Dubai

Do not cause dry eyes

The treatment plan requires no suction during laser eye correction treatment.

StreamLight LASIK Dubai

Less pain and Higher accuracy

It avoids the potential for ANY flap complications during treatment.

StreamLight LASIK accuracy dubai

No Touch

It is a ‘no touch’ procedure that makes treatment more comfortable for the patient.

Procedure of StreamLight Lasik in Dubai at Spanish Center Dubai